Instance Property


The number of results returned by the query. (read-only)


@property(readonly) NSUInteger resultCount;


For performance reasons, you should use this method, rather than invoking count on results.

See Also

Getting Query Results


An array containing the query’s results.

- resultAtIndex:

Returns the query result at a specific index.

- indexOfResult:

Returns the index of a query result object in the receiver’s results array.


An array containing hierarchical groups of query results. (read-only)


The NSMetadataQueryResultGroup class represents a collection of grouped attribute results returned by an NSMetadataQuery object.

- enumerateResultsUsingBlock:

Enumerates the current set of results using the given block.

- enumerateResultsWithOptions:usingBlock:

Enumerates the current set of results using the given options and block.


A dictionary containing the value lists generated by the query.


The NSMetadataQueryAttributeValueTuple class represents attribute-value tuples, which are objects that contain the attribute name and value of a metadata attribute.

- valueOfAttribute:forResultAtIndex:

Returns the value for the attribute name attrName at the index in the results specified by idx.

- enableUpdates

Enables updates to the query results.

- disableUpdates

Disables updates to the query results.


The queue on which query result notifications are posted.