Instance Method


Fixes the font attribute in aRange, assigning default fonts to characters with illegal fonts for their scripts and otherwise correcting font attribute assignments.


- (void)fixFontAttributeInRange:(NSRange)range;



The range of characters.


For example, Kanji characters assigned a Latin font are reassigned an appropriate Kanji font. Raises an NSRangeException if any part of aRange lies beyond the end of the receiver’s characters.

See Also

Fixing attributes after changes

- fixAttributesInRange:

Cleans up font, paragraph style, and attachment attributes within the given range.

- fixAttachmentAttributeInRange:

Cleans up attachment attributes in aRange, removing all attachment attributes assigned to characters other than NSAttachmentCharacter.

- fixParagraphStyleAttributeInRange:

Fixes the paragraph style attributes in aRange, assigning the first paragraph style attribute value in each paragraph to all characters of the paragraph.