A protocol that mutable objects adopt to provide functional copies of themselves.


@protocol NSMutableCopying


The NSMutableCopying protocol declares a method for providing mutable copies of an object. Only classes that define an “immutable vs. mutable” distinction should adopt this protocol. Classes that don’t define such a distinction should adopt NSCopying instead.

NSMutableCopying declares one method, mutableCopyWithZone:, but mutable copying is commonly invoked with the convenience method mutableCopy. The mutableCopy method is defined for all NSObjects and simply invokes mutableCopyWithZone: with the default zone.

If a subclass inherits NSMutableCopying from its superclass and declares additional instance variables, the subclass has to override mutableCopyWithZone: to properly handle its own instance variables, invoking the superclass’s implementation first.



- mutableCopyWithZone:

Returns a new instance that’s a mutable copy of the receiver.


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A protocol that objects adopt to provide functional copies of themselves.

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