A dynamic plain-text Unicode string object, for use instead of a String variable in cases that require reference semantics.


class NSMutableString : NSString


The NSMutableString class declares the programmatic interface to an object that manages a mutable string—that is, a string whose contents can be edited—that conceptually represents an array of Unicode characters. To construct and manage an immutable string—or a string that cannot be changed after it has been created—use an object of the NSString class.

The NSMutableString class adds one primitive method—replaceCharacters(in:with:)—to the basic string-handling behavior inherited from NSString. All other methods that modify a string work through this method. For example, insert(_:at:) simply replaces the characters in a range of 0 length, while deleteCharacters(in:) replaces the characters in a given range with no characters.

NSMutableString is “toll-free bridged” with its Core Foundation counterpart, CFMutableString. See Toll-Free Bridging for more information.


Creating and Initializing a Mutable String

init(capacity: Int)

Returns an NSMutableString object initialized with initial storage for a given number of characters,

Modifying a String

func append(String)

Adds to the end of the receiver the characters of a given string.

func applyTransform(StringTransform, reverse: Bool, range: NSRange, updatedRange: NSRangePointer?) -> Bool

Transliterates the receiver by applying a specified ICU string transform.

func deleteCharacters(in: NSRange)

Removes from the receiver the characters in a given range.

func insert(String, at: Int)

Inserts into the receiver the characters of a given string at a given location.

func replaceCharacters(in: NSRange, with: String)

Replaces the characters from aRange with those in aString.

func replaceOccurrences(of: String, with: String, options: NSString.CompareOptions, range: NSRange) -> Int

Replaces all occurrences of a given string in a given range with another given string, returning the number of replacements.

func setString(String)

Replaces the characters of the receiver with those in a given string.


String Transformations

These constants specify transforms used by the applyTransform(_:reverse:range:updatedRange:) method.

See Also


class NSString

A static, plain-text Unicode string object that bridges to String; use NSString when you need reference semantics or other Foundation-specific behavior.

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