A mutable URL load request that bridges to NSURLRequest and you use when you need reference semantics or other Foundation-specific behavior.


class NSMutableURLRequest : NSURLRequest


NSMutableURLRequest is a subclass of NSURLRequest that allows you to change the request’s properties.

NSMutableURLRequest only represents information about the request. Use other classes, such as URLSession, to send the request to a server. See Fetching Website Data into Memory and Uploading Data to a Website for an introduction to these techniques.

Classes that create a network operation based on a request make a deep copy of that request. Thus, changing the request after creating a network operation has no effect on the ongoing operation. For example, if you use dataTask(with:completionHandler:) to create a data task from a request, and then later change the request, the data task continues using the original request.


Working with a Cache Policy

var cachePolicy: NSURLRequest.CachePolicy

The request’s cache policy.

enum NSURLRequest.CachePolicy

The constants used to specify interaction with the cached responses.

Accessing Request Components

var httpMethod: String

The HTTP request method.

var url: URL?

The URL being requested.

var httpBody: Data?

The request body.

var httpBodyStream: InputStream?

The request body as an input stream.

var mainDocumentURL: URL?

The main document URL.

Accessing Header Fields

var allHTTPHeaderFields: [String : String]?

A dictionary containing all of the HTTP header fields for a request.

func addValue(String, forHTTPHeaderField: String)

Adds a value to the header field.

func setValue(String?, forHTTPHeaderField: String)

Sets a value for the header field.

Controlling Request Behavior

var timeoutInterval: TimeInterval

The request’s timeout interval, in seconds.

var httpShouldHandleCookies: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the request should use the default cookie handling for the request.

var httpShouldUsePipelining: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the request can continue transmitting data before receiving a response from an earlier transmission.

var allowsCellularAccess: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether a connection can use the device’s cellular network (if present).

Accessing the Service Type

var networkServiceType: NSURLRequest.NetworkServiceType

The network service type of the connection.

enum NSURLRequest.NetworkServiceType

The constants used to specify the network service type of a request.

Working with Hotspots

func bind(to: NEHotspotHelperCommand)

Binds a URL request to the network interface associated with the hotspot helper command instance.


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Using Reference Types

class NSURLRequest

A representation of a URL load request that you use when you need reference semantics or other Foundation-specific behavior.

typealias URLRequest.ReferenceType

An alias for this value type's equivalent reference type.