Instance Property


The dominant script for the text.


var dominantScript: String { get }


The value of this property is an ISO 15924 script code, such as "Latn" or "Cyrl", that identifies the dominant script.

See Also

Determining Correspondences Between Languages and Scripts

var languageMap: [String : [String]]

A dictionary that maps script tags to arrays of language tags.

var dominantLanguage: String

The first language in the list of languages for the dominant script.

func dominantLanguage(forScript: String) -> String?

Returns the dominant language for the specified script.

func languages(forScript: String) -> [String]?

Returns the list of languages for the specified script.

var allScripts: [String]

The scripts appearing as keys in the language map.

var allLanguages: [String]

The languages appearing in values of the language map.