Instance Property


The languages appearing in values of the language map.


var allLanguages: [String] { get }


The value of this property is an array of BCP-47 language tags, such as "en" or "fr", that identify the languages.

See Also

Determining Correspondences Between Languages and Scripts

var languageMap: [String : [String]]

A dictionary that maps script tags to arrays of language tags.

var dominantLanguage: String

The first language in the list of languages for the dominant script.

var dominantScript: String

The dominant script for the text.

func dominantLanguage(forScript: String) -> String?

Returns the dominant language for the specified script.

func languages(forScript: String) -> [String]?

Returns the list of languages for the specified script.

var allScripts: [String]

The scripts appearing as keys in the language map.