Type Property


Use strong write-barriers to backing store; use garbage-collected memory on copy-in.


static var strongMemory: NSPointerFunctions.Options { get }


This is the default memory value.

As a special case, if you do not use garbage collection and specify this value in conjunction with objectPersonality or objectPointerPersonality then the NSPointerFunctions object uses retain and release.

If you do not use garbage collection, and specify this value in conjunction with a valid non-object personality, it is the same as specifying mallocMemory.

See Also

Memory Options

static var mallocMemory: NSPointerFunctions.Options

Use free() on removal, calloc() on copy in.

static var opaqueMemory: NSPointerFunctions.Options

Take no action when pointers are deleted.

static var weakMemory: NSPointerFunctions.Options

Uses weak read and write barriers appropriate for ARC or GC. Using NSPointerFunctionsWeakMemory object references will turn to NULL on last release.