Initializes a predicate by substituting the values in an argument list into a format string and parsing the result.


init(format predicateFormat: String, arguments argList: CVaListPointer)



The format string for the new predicate.


The arguments to substitute into predicateFormat. Values are substituted in the order they appear in the argument list.

Return Value

A new predicate by substituting the values in argList into predicateFormat and parsing the result.


For details of the format of the format string and of limitations on variable substitution, see Predicate Format String Syntax.

See Also

Creating a Predicate

init(format: String, argumentArray: [Any]?)

Initializes a predicate by substituting the values in a given array into a format string and parsing the result.

func withSubstitutionVariables([String : Any]) -> Self

Returns a copy of the predicate with the predicate's variables substituted by values specified in a given substitution variables dictionary.

init(value: Bool)

Creates and returns a predicate that always evaluates to a given Boolean value.

init(block: (Any?, [String : Any]?) -> Bool)

Initializes a predicate that evaluates using a specified block object and bindings dictionary.

init?(fromMetadataQueryString: String)

Initializes a predicate with a metadata query string.

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