Instance Method


Balance the most recent previous invocation of becomeCurrentWithPendingUnitCount: on the same thread by restoring the current progress object to what it was before becomeCurrentWithPendingUnitCount: was invoked.


- (void)resignCurrent;


Use this method after building your tree of progress objects, as described in Creating a Tree of Progress Objects.

See Also

Current Progress Object

+ currentProgress

Returns the NSProgress instance, if any, associated with the current thread by a previous invocation of becomeCurrentWithPendingUnitCount:.

- becomeCurrentWithPendingUnitCount:

Sets the receiver as the current progress object of the current thread and specifies the portion of work to be performed by the next child progress object of the receiver.

- addChild:withPendingUnitCount:

Add a process object as a child of a progress tree. The inUnitCount indicates the expected work for the progress unit.