Type Method


Returns the NSProgress instance, if any, associated with the current thread by a previous invocation of becomeCurrentWithPendingUnitCount:.


+ (NSProgress *)currentProgress;

Return Value

The NSProgress instance associated with the current thread, if any.


Use this per-thread currentProgress value to allow code that performs work to report useful progress even when it is widely separated from the code that actually presents progress information to the user, without requiring layers of intervening code to pass around an NSProgress instance.

When reporting progress, you typically work with a child progress object, created by calling discreteProgressWithTotalUnitCount:, to ensure that you report progress in known units of work.

See Also

Current Progress Object

- becomeCurrentWithPendingUnitCount:

Sets the receiver as the current progress object of the current thread and specifies the portion of work to be performed by the next child progress object of the receiver.

- addChild:withPendingUnitCount:

Add a process object as a child of a progress tree. The inUnitCount indicates the expected work for the progress unit.

- resignCurrent

Balance the most recent previous invocation of becomeCurrentWithPendingUnitCount: on the same thread by restoring the current progress object to what it was before becomeCurrentWithPendingUnitCount: was invoked.