These constants define the regular expression options. These constants are used by the property options, regularExpressionWithPattern:options:error:, and init(pattern:options:).


struct Options



static var caseInsensitive: NSRegularExpression.Options

Match letters in the pattern independent of case.

static var allowCommentsAndWhitespace: NSRegularExpression.Options

Ignore whitespace and #-prefixed comments in the pattern.

static var ignoreMetacharacters: NSRegularExpression.Options

Treat the entire pattern as a literal string.

static var dotMatchesLineSeparators: NSRegularExpression.Options

Allow . to match any character, including line separators.

static var anchorsMatchLines: NSRegularExpression.Options

Allow ^ and $ to match the start and end of lines.

static var useUnixLineSeparators: NSRegularExpression.Options

Treat only \n as a line separator (otherwise, all standard line separators are used).

static var useUnicodeWordBoundaries: NSRegularExpression.Options

Use Unicode TR#29 to specify word boundaries (otherwise, traditional regular expression word boundaries are used).


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