Instance Property


Returns the name of the class the receiver describes, as provided at initialization time.


@property(readonly, copy) NSString *className;

Return Value

A class name. This may be either the human-readable name for the class—that is, the name that is used in a script—or the name of the Objective-C class that is instantiated to implement the class. To reliably obtain the implementation name, use implementationClassName.

See Also

Getting basic information about the script class


Returns the value of the DefaultSubcontainerAttribute entry of the class dictionary from which the receiver was instantiated.


Returns the name of the Objective-C class instantiated to implement the scripting class.

- isLocationRequiredToCreateForKey:

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether an insertion location must be specified when creating a new object in the specified to-many relationship of the receiver.


Returns the name of the receiver’s suite.