Instance Property


Sets the object specifier to receiversSpec that, when evaluated, indicates the receiver or receivers of the command.


@property(retain) NSScriptObjectSpecifier *receiversSpecifier;


If you create a subclass of NSScriptCommand, you don’t necessarily need to override this method, though some of Cocoa’s subclasses do. An override should perform the same function as the superclass method, with a critical difference: it causes the container specifier part of the passed-in object specifier to become the receiver specifier of the command, and the key part of the passed-in object specifier to become the key specifier. In an override, for example, if receiversRef is a specifier for the third rectangle of the first document, the receiver specifier is the first document while the key specifier is the third rectangle.

See Also

Accessing receivers


Returns the object or objects to which the command is to be sent (called both the “receivers” or “targets” of script commands).