The context in which the current script command is executed.


class NSScriptExecutionContext : NSObject


An NSScriptExecutionContext object is a shared instance (there is only one instance of the class) that represents the context in which the current script command is executed. NSScriptExecutionContext tracks global state relating to the command being executed, especially the top-level container object (that is, the container implied by a specifier object that specifies no container) used in an evaluation of an NSScriptObjectSpecifier object.

In most cases, the top-level container for a complete series of nested object specifiers is automatically set to the application object (NSApp), and you can get this object with the topLevelObject method. But you can also set this top-level container to something else (using topLevelObject) if the situation warrants it.

It is unlikely that you will need to subclass NSScriptExecutionContext.


Getting the current context

class func shared() -> NSScriptExecutionContext

Returns the shared NSScriptExecutionContext instance.

Getting and setting the container object

var topLevelObject: Any?

Sets the top-level object for an object-specifier evaluation.

var objectBeingTested: Any?

Sets the top-level container object currently being tested in a “whose” qualifier to a given object.

var rangeContainerObject: Any?

Sets the top-level container object for a range-specifier evaluation to a give object.


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