Instance Method


Returns an NSData object that contains data in 'aete' resource format describing the scriptability information currently known to the application.


func aeteResource(_ languageName: String) -> Data?


This method is typically invoked to implement the get aete Apple event for an application that provides scriptability information in the script suite format. The languageName argument is the name of a language for which a localized resource directory (such as English.lproj) exists. This language indication specifies the set of .scriptTerminology files to be used to generate the data. NSScriptSuiteRegistry does not create an 'aete' resource unless this method is called.

See Also

Getting Other Suite Information

func appleEventCode(forSuite: String) -> FourCharCode

Returns the Apple event code associated with the suite named suiteName, such as ‘core’ for the Core suite.

func bundle(forSuite: String) -> Bundle?

Returns the bundle containing the suite-definition property list (extension .scriptSuite) identified by suiteName.