Instance Method


Returns the class description associated with the given four-character Apple event code, code.


func classDescription(withAppleEventCode appleEventCode: FourCharCode) -> NSScriptClassDescription?


Overriding behavior is important here. Multiple classes can have the same code if the classes have an uninterrupted linear inheritance from one another. For example, if class B is a subclass of A and class C is a subclass of B, and all three classes have the same four-character Apple event code, then this method returns the class description for class C.

See Also

Getting and Registering Class Descriptions

func classDescriptions(inSuite: String) -> [String : NSScriptClassDescription]?

Returns the class descriptions contained in the suite identified by suiteName.

func register(NSScriptClassDescription)

Registers class description classDescription for use by Cocoa’s built-in scripting support by storing it in a per-suite internal dictionary under the class name.