Instance Method


Loads the suite definition encapsulated in dictionary; previously, this suite definition was parsed from a .scriptSuite property list contained in a framework or in bundle.


func loadSuite(with suiteDeclaration: [AnyHashable : Any], from bundle: Bundle)


The method extracts information from the dictionary and caches it in various internal collection objects. If keys are missing or values are of the wrong type, it logs messages to the console. It also registers class descriptions and command descriptions. In registering a class description, it invokes the NSClassDescription class method register(_:for:). In registering a command description, it arranges for the Apple event translator to handle incoming Apple events that represent the defined commands.

This method is invoked when the shared instance is initialized and when bundles are loaded at runtime. Prior to invoking it, NSScriptSuiteRegistry creates the dictionary argument from the .scriptSuite property list. If you invoke this method in your code, you should try to do it before the application receives its first Apple event.

See Also

Loading Suites

func loadSuites(from: Bundle)

Loads the suite definitions in bundle aBundle, invoking loadSuite(with:from:) for each suite found.