An abstract class that provides the basis for testing specifiers one at a time or in groups.


class NSScriptWhoseTest : NSObject


NSScriptWhoseTest is an abstract class whose sole method is isTrue(). Two concrete subclasses of NSScriptWhoseTest generate objects representing Boolean expressions comparing one object with another and objects representing multiple Boolean expressions connected by logical operators (OR, AND, NOT). These classes are, respectively, NSSpecifierTest and NSLogicalTest. In evaluating itself, an NSWhoseSpecifier invokes the isTrue() method of its “test” object.

You shouldn’t need to subclass NSScriptWhoseTest, and you should rarely need to subclass one of its subclasses.


Evaluating a test

func isTrue() -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the test represented by the receiver evaluates to true.


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Object Matching Tests

class NSSpecifierTest

A comparison between an object specifier and a test object.

class NSLogicalTest

The logical combination of one or more specifier tests.