Instance Method


Sets the receiver’s object specifier.


func setReceiversSpecifier(_ receiversRef: NSScriptObjectSpecifier?)



The receiver’s object specifier.


When the command is executed, it sets attributes or relationships in the objects specified by receiversRef.

This method overrides receiversSpecifier in NSScriptCommand. It performs the same function as the overridden method, with a critical difference: it causes the container specifier part of the passed-in object specifier to become the receiver specifier of the command, and the key part of the passed-in object specifier to become the key specifier. If, for example, receiversRef is a specifier for the color of the third rectangle, the receiver specifier is the third rectangle, while the key specifier is the color.

See Also

Working with specifiers

var keySpecifier: NSScriptObjectSpecifier

Returns a specifier that identifies the attribute or relationship that is to be set for the receiver of the set AppleScript command.