Instance Property


The floating-point value of the string as a double.


var doubleValue: Double { get }


This property doesn’t include any whitespace at the beginning of the string. This property is HUGE_VAL or –HUGE_VAL on overflow, 0.0 on underflow. This property is 0.0 if the string doesn’t begin with a valid text representation of a floating-point number.

This property uses formatting information stored in the non-localized value; use an Scanner object for localized scanning of numeric values from a string.

See Also

Getting Numeric Values

var floatValue: Float

The floating-point value of the string as a float.

var intValue: Int32

The integer value of the string.

var integerValue: Int

The NSInteger value of the string.

var longLongValue: Int64

The long long value of the string.

var boolValue: Bool

The Boolean value of the string.

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