Instance Method


Sends an interrupt signal to the receiver and all of its subtasks.


- (void)interrupt;


If the task terminates as a result, which is the default behavior, an NSTaskDidTerminateNotification gets sent to the default notification center. This method has no effect if the receiver was already launched and has already finished executing. If the receiver has not been launched yet, this method raises an NSInvalidArgumentException.

It is not always possible to interrupt the receiver because it might be ignoring the interrupt signal. interrupt sends SIGINT.

See Also

Running and Stopping a Task

- launch

Launches the task represented by the receiver.

- resume

Resumes execution of the receiver task that had previously been suspended with a suspend message.

- suspend

Suspends execution of the receiver task.

- terminate

Sends a terminate signal to the receiver and all of its subtasks.

- waitUntilExit

Block until the receiver is finished.