Type Method


Detaches a new thread and uses the specified selector as the thread entry point.


+ (void)detachNewThreadSelector:(SEL)selector toTarget:(id)target withObject:(id)argument;



The selector for the message to send to the target. This selector must take only one argument and must not have a return value.


The object that will receive the message aSelector on the new thread.


The single argument passed to the target. May be nil.


The objects aTarget and anArgument are retained during the execution of the detached thread, then released. The detached thread is exited (using the exit class method) as soon as aTarget has completed executing the aSelector method.

If this thread is the first thread detached in the application, this method posts the NSWillBecomeMultiThreadedNotification with object nil to the default notification center.

See Also

Starting a Thread

- start

Starts the receiver.

- main

The main entry point routine for the thread.