Returns a time zone initialized with a given identifier.


init?(name tzName: String)



The identifier for the time zone. Providing nil for this parameter raises an invalid argument exception.

Return Value

A time zone object initialized with the identifier tzName.


If tzName is a known identifier, this method calls init(name:data:) with the appropriate data object.

See Also

Creating Time Zones

init?(name: String, data: Data?)

Initializes a time zone with a given identifier and time zone data.

init?(abbreviation: String)

Returns the time zone object identified by a given abbreviation.

init(forSecondsFromGMT: Int)

Returns a time zone object offset from Greenwich Mean Time by a given number of seconds.

class var knownTimeZoneNames: [String]

Returns an array of strings listing the IDs of all the time zones known to the system.

class var abbreviationDictionary: [String : String]

Returns a dictionary holding the mappings of time zone abbreviations to time zone names.