Returns the time zone object identified by a given abbreviation.


convenience init?(abbreviation: String)



An abbreviation for a time zone.

Return Value

The time zone object identified by abbreviation determined by resolving the abbreviation to a name using the abbreviation dictionary and then returning the time zone for that name. Returns nil if there is no match for abbreviation.


In general, you are discouraged from using abbreviations except for unique instances such as “GMT”. Time Zone abbreviations are not standardized and so a given abbreviation may have multiple meanings—for example, “EST” refers to Eastern Time in both the United States and Australia

See Also

Creating Time Zones

init?(name: String)

Returns a time zone initialized with a given identifier.

init?(name: String, data: Data?)

Initializes a time zone with a given identifier and time zone data.

init(forSecondsFromGMT: Int)

Returns a time zone object offset from Greenwich Mean Time by a given number of seconds.

class var knownTimeZoneNames: [String]

Returns an array of strings listing the IDs of all the time zones known to the system.

class var abbreviationDictionary: [String : String]

Returns a dictionary holding the mappings of time zone abbreviations to time zone names.