Instance Method


Marks the end of an undo group.


- (void)endUndoGrouping;


All individual undo operations back to the matching beginUndoGrouping message are grouped together and reversed by a later undo or undoNestedGroup message. Undo groups can be nested, thus providing functionality similar to nested transactions. Raises an NSInternalInconsistencyException if there’s no beginUndoGrouping message in effect.

This method posts an NSUndoManagerCheckpointNotification and an NSUndoManagerDidCloseUndoGroupNotification just before the group is closed.

See Also

Creating Undo Groups

- beginUndoGrouping

Marks the beginning of an undo group.


A Boolean value that indicates whether the receiver automatically creates undo groups around each pass of the run loop.


The number of nested undo groups (or redo groups, if Redo was invoked last) in the current event loop.