Instance Method


Performs the operations in the last group on the redo stack, if there are any, recording them on the undo stack as a single group.


- (void)redo;


Raises an NSInternalInconsistencyException if the method is invoked during an undo operation.

This method posts an NSUndoManagerCheckpointNotification and NSUndoManagerWillRedoChangeNotification before it performs the redo operation, and it posts the NSUndoManagerDidRedoChangeNotification after it performs the redo operation.

See Also

Performing Undo and Redo

- undo

Closes the top-level undo group if necessary and invokes undoNestedGroup.

- undoNestedGroup

Performs the undo operations in the last undo group (whether top-level or nested), recording the operations on the redo stack as a single group.