Instance Method


Returns the resource values for the properties identified by specified array of keys.


func promisedItemResourceValues(forKeys keys: [URLResourceKey]) throws -> [URLResourceKey : Any]



An array of names of URL resource properties.


The error that occurred in the case that one or more resource values cannot be retrieved.

Return Value

A dictionary of resource values indexed by key.


This method behaves identically to resourceValues(forKeys:), but works on promised items. A promised item is not guaranteed to have its contents in the file system until you use a file coordinator to perform a coordinated read on its URL, which causes the contents to be downloaded or otherwise generated. Promised item URLs are returned by various APIs, including:

You must use this method instead of resourceValuesForKeys:error: for any URLs returned by these methods.

This method works for any resource value that is not tied to the item’s contents. Some keys, like contentAccessDateKey or generationIdentifierKey, do not return valid values. If you use one of these keys, the method returns true, but the value returns nil.

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