Instance Method


Returns whether the promised item can be reached.


func checkPromisedItemIsReachableAndReturnError(_ error: NSErrorPointer) -> Bool



The error that occurred when the promised item could not be reached.

Return Value

true if the promised item is reachable; otherwise, false.


This method behaves identically to checkResourceIsReachableAndReturnError(_:), but works on promised items. A promised item is not guaranteed to have its contents in the file system until you use a file coordinator to perform a coordinated read on its URL, which causes the contents to be downloaded or otherwise generated. Promised item URLs are returned by various APIs, including:

You must use this method instead of checkResourceIsReachableAndReturnError for any URLs returned by these methods.

See Also

Working with Promised Items

func promisedItemResourceValues(forKeys: [URLResourceKey]) -> [URLResourceKey : Any]

Returns the resource values for the properties identified by specified array of keys.

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