Instance Method


Returns whether the resource pointed to by a file URL can be reached.


func checkResourceIsReachableAndReturnError(_ error: NSErrorPointer) -> Bool



The error that occurred when the resource could not be reached.

Return Value

true if the resource is reachable; otherwise, false.


This method synchronously checks if the file at the provided URL is reachable. Checking reachability is appropriate when making decisions that do not require other immediate operations on the resource, such as periodic maintenance of user interface state that depends on the existence of a specific document. For example, you might remove an item from a download list if the user deletes the file.

If your app must perform operations on the file, such as opening it or copying resource properties, it is more efficient to attempt the operation and handle any failure that may occur.

If this method returns false, the object pointer referenced by error is populated with additional information.

See Also

Querying an NSURL

func isFileReferenceURL() -> Bool

Returns whether the URL is a file reference URL.

var isFileURL: Bool

A boolean value that determines whether the receiver is a file URL.

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