Instance Method


Removes the cached resource value identified by a given key from the URL object.


- (void)removeCachedResourceValueForKey:(NSURLResourceKey)key;



The resource value key whose cached values you want to remove.


Removing a cached resource value may remove other cached resource values because some resource values are cached as a set of values, and because some resource values depend on other resource values. (Temporary resource values have no dependencies.)

This method is currently applicable only to URLs for file system resources.

See Also

Accessing Resource Values

- resourceValuesForKeys:error:

Returns the resource values for the properties identified by specified array of keys.

- getResourceValue:forKey:error:

Returns the value of the resource property for the specified key.

- setResourceValue:forKey:error:

Sets the URL’s resource property for a given key to a given value.

- setResourceValues:error:

Sets the URL’s resource properties for a given set of keys to a given set of values.

- removeAllCachedResourceValues

Removes all cached resource values and temporary resource values from the URL object.

- setTemporaryResourceValue:forKey:

Sets a temporary resource value on the URL object.


Keys that apply to file system URLs.