Instance Method


In an app that adopts App Sandbox, revokes access to the resource pointed to by a security-scoped URL.


func stopAccessingSecurityScopedResource()


When you no longer need access to a file or directory pointed to by a security-scoped URL, such as one returned by resolving a security-scoped bookmark, call this method (or its Core Foundation equivalent, the CFURLStopAccessingSecurityScopedResource(_:) function) on the URL to relinquish access. When you call this method, you immediately lose access to the resource in question.

If you call this method on a URL whose referenced resource you do not have access to, nothing happens.

See Also

Working with Bookmark Data

class func bookmarkData(withContentsOf: URL)

Initializes and returns bookmark data derived from an alias file pointed to by a specified URL.

class func resourceValues(forKeys: [URLResourceKey], fromBookmarkData: Data)

Returns the resource values for properties identified by a specified array of keys contained in specified bookmark data.

class func writeBookmarkData(Data, to: URL, options: NSURL.BookmarkFileCreationOptions)

Creates an alias file on disk at a specified location with specified bookmark data.

func startAccessingSecurityScopedResource()

In an app that has adopted App Sandbox, makes the resource pointed to by a security-scoped URL available to the app.