Instance Method


Removes all cached resource values and temporary resource values from the URL object.


- (void)removeAllCachedResourceValues;


This method is applicable only to URLs that represent file system resources.

See Also

Accessing Resource Values

- resourceValuesForKeys:error:

Returns the resource values for the properties identified by specified array of keys.

- getResourceValue:forKey:error:

Returns the value of the resource property for the specified key.

- setResourceValue:forKey:error:

Sets the URL’s resource property for a given key to a given value.

- setResourceValues:error:

Sets the URL’s resource properties for a given set of keys to a given set of values.

- removeCachedResourceValueForKey:

Removes the cached resource value identified by a given key from the URL object.

- setTemporaryResourceValue:forKey:

Sets a temporary resource value on the URL object.


Keys that apply to file system URLs.