Options used when resolving bookmark data.


When resolving a bookmark, use bitwise OR operators to combine the options you want to specify, and provide them to the options parameter of the URLByResolvingBookmarkData:options:relativeToURL:bookmarkDataIsStale:error: method.


Security-scoped bookmarks are not available in versions of macOS prior to OS X 10.7.3.



init(rawValue: UInt)

Initializes a new resolution options structure.


static var withoutUI: NSURL.BookmarkResolutionOptions

Specifies that no UI feedback should accompany resolution of the bookmark data.

static var withoutMounting: NSURL.BookmarkResolutionOptions

Specifies that no volume should be mounted during resolution of the bookmark data.

static var withSecurityScope: NSURL.BookmarkResolutionOptions

Specifies that the security scope, applied to the bookmark when it was created, should be used during resolution of the bookmark data.


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See Also

Creating a URL by Resolving a Bookmark

init(resolvingAliasFileAt: URL, options: URL.BookmarkResolutionOptions)

Creates and initializes a URL that refers to the location specified by resolving an alias file.

typealias URL.BookmarkResolutionOptions

An alias for bookmark resolution options.