Instance Method


Determines the run loop and mode that the connection uses to call methods on its delegate.


func schedule(in aRunLoop: RunLoop, forMode mode: RunLoop.Mode)



The RunLoop instance to use when calling delegate methods.


The mode in which to call delegate methods.


By default, a connection is scheduled on the current thread in the default mode when it is created. If you create a connection with the init(request:delegate:startImmediately:) method and provide false for the startImmediately parameter, you can schedule the connection on a different run loop or mode before starting it with the start() method. You can schedule a connection on multiple run loops and modes, or on the same run loop in multiple modes.

You cannot reschedule a connection after it has started.

It is an error to schedule delegate method calls with both this method and the setDelegateQueue(_:) method.

See Also

Scheduling Delegate Method Calls

func setDelegateQueue(OperationQueue?)

Determines the operation queue that is used to call methods on the connection’s delegate.

func unschedule(from: RunLoop, forMode: RunLoop.Mode)

Causes the connection to stop calling delegate methods in the specified run loop and mode.