Instance Method


Sent when a connection cancels an authentication challenge.


optional func connection(_ connection: NSURLConnection, didCancel challenge: URLAuthenticationChallenge)



The connection sending the message.


The challenge that was canceled.

See Also

Connection Authentication

func connection(NSURLConnection, willSendRequestFor: URLAuthenticationChallenge)

Tells the delegate that the connection will send a request for an authentication challenge.

func connection(NSURLConnection, canAuthenticateAgainstProtectionSpace: URLProtectionSpace) -> Bool

Sent to determine whether the delegate is able to respond to a protection space’s form of authentication.

func connection(NSURLConnection, didReceive: URLAuthenticationChallenge)

Sent when a connection must authenticate a challenge in order to download its request.

func connectionShouldUseCredentialStorage(NSURLConnection) -> Bool

Sent to determine whether the URL loader should use the credential storage for authenticating the connection.

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