Instance Method


Sent to the delegate when an URL connection resumes downloading a URL asset that was earlier suspended.


optional func connectionDidResumeDownloading(_ connection: NSURLConnection, totalBytesWritten: Int64, expectedTotalBytes: Int64)



The URL connection object downloading the asset.


The total number of bytes of the downloading asset that have been written to the destination file.


The total number of bytes of the URL asset once it is completely downloaded and written to a file.


This method is invoked once a suspended download of a URL asset resumes downloading. In response, the delegate can display a progress indicator, setting the initial value of the indicator to where it was when downloading was suspended. After the URL-connection object sends this message, it sends one or more connection(_:didWriteData:totalBytesWritten:expectedTotalBytes:) to the delegate until the download concludes.

See Also

Managing Downloads of URL Assets

func connection(NSURLConnection, didWriteData: Int64, totalBytesWritten: Int64, expectedTotalBytes: Int64)

Sent to the delegate to deliver progress information for a download of a URL asset to a destination file.

func connectionDidFinishDownloading(NSURLConnection, destinationURL: URL)

Sent to the delegate when the URL connection has successfully downloaded the URL asset to a destination file.