Instance Property


Returns the resume data for a download that is not yet complete.


@property(readonly, copy) NSData *resumeData;

Return Value

The resume data for a download that is not yet complete. This data represents the necessary state information that an NSURLDownload object needs to resume a download. The resume data can later be used when initializing a download with initWithResumeData:delegate:path:. Returns nil if the download is not able to be resumed.


Resume data is returned only if both the protocol and the server support resuming. For details on how to resume a connection, see the documentation for initWithResumeData:delegate:path:.

See Also

Resuming partial downloads

+ canResumeDownloadDecodedWithEncodingMIMEType:

Returns whether a URL download object can resume a download that was decoded with the specified MIME type.

- initWithResumeData:delegate:path:

Returns an initialized NSURLDownload object that will resume downloading the specified data to the specified file and begins the download.


Returns whether the receiver deletes partially downloaded files when a download stops prematurely.