Instance Method


Sent immediately after a download object begins a download.


- (void)downloadDidBegin:(NSURLDownload *)download;



The URL download object sending the message.

See Also

Download Data and Responses

- download:decideDestinationWithSuggestedFilename:

The delegate receives this message when download has determined a suggested filename for the downloaded file.

- download:didCreateDestination:

Sent when the destination file is created.

- download:didReceiveResponse:

Sent when a download object has received sufficient load data to construct the NSURLResponse object for the download.

- download:didReceiveDataOfLength:

Sent as a download object receives data incrementally.

- download:shouldDecodeSourceDataOfMIMEType:

Sent when a download object determines that the downloaded file is encoded to inquire whether the file should be automatically decoded.

- download:willResumeWithResponse:fromByte:

Sent when a download object has received a response from the server after attempting to resume a download.

- download:willSendRequest:redirectResponse:

Sent when the download object determines that it must change URLs in order to continue loading a request.