Instance Method


Sent when a download object has received sufficient load data to construct the NSURLResponse object for the download.


- (void)download:(NSURLDownload *)download didReceiveResponse:(NSURLResponse *)response;



The URL download object sending the message.


The URL response object received as part of the download. response is immutable and will not be modified after this method is called.


In some rare cases, multiple responses may be received for a single download. In this case, the client should assume that each new response resets the download progress to 0 and should check the new response for the expected content length.

See Also

Download Data and Responses

- download:decideDestinationWithSuggestedFilename:

The delegate receives this message when download has determined a suggested filename for the downloaded file.

- downloadDidBegin:

Sent immediately after a download object begins a download.

- download:didCreateDestination:

Sent when the destination file is created.

- download:didReceiveDataOfLength:

Sent as a download object receives data incrementally.

- download:shouldDecodeSourceDataOfMIMEType:

Sent when a download object determines that the downloaded file is encoded to inquire whether the file should be automatically decoded.

- download:willResumeWithResponse:fromByte:

Sent when a download object has received a response from the server after attempting to resume a download.

- download:willSendRequest:redirectResponse:

Sent when the download object determines that it must change URLs in order to continue loading a request.