Global Variable


The state of a failed SSL handshake.


let NSURLErrorFailingURLPeerTrustErrorKey: String


The corresponding value is the SecTrust object.

See Also


let NSURLErrorFailingURLErrorKey: String

The URL which caused a load to fail.

let NSURLErrorFailingURLStringErrorKey: String

The URL which caused a load to fail.

let NSURLErrorBackgroundTaskCancelledReasonKey: String

A key in the error dictionary that provides the reason for canceling a background task.

URL Session Background Task Cancellation Reasons

Reasons that indicate why the system canceled a background task.

let NSURLErrorNetworkUnavailableReasonKey: String

The reason the network was unavailable for a task.

enum URLError.NetworkUnavailableReason

An enumeration of reasons explaining why a task couldn’t satisfy networking constraints.