Instance Method


Creates a protection space object representing a proxy server.


- (instancetype)initWithProxyHost:(NSString *)host port:(NSInteger)port type:(NSString *)type realm:(NSString *)realm authenticationMethod:(NSString *)authenticationMethod;



The host of the proxy server for the protection space object.


The port for the protection space object. If port is 0 the default port for the specified proxy type is used, for example, port 80 for HTTP. Note that servers can, and do, treat these values differently.


The type of proxy server. The value of proxyType should be set to one of the values specified in NSURLProtectionSpace Proxy Types.


A string indicating a protocol specific subdivision of the host. realm may be nil if there is no specified realm or if the protocol doesn’t support realms.


The type of authentication to use. authenticationMethod should be set to one of the values in NSURLProtectionSpace Authentication Method Constants or nil to use the default, NSURLAuthenticationMethodDefault.

Return Value

A new protection space object, with the given host, port, proxyType, realm, and authenticationMethod.

See Also

Creating a Protection Space

- initWithHost:port:protocol:realm:authenticationMethod:

Creates a protection space object from the given host, port, protocol, realm, and authentication method.