Type Method


Attempts to register a subclass of NSURLProtocol, making it visible to the URL loading system.


+ (BOOL)registerClass:(Class)protocolClass;



The subclass to register.

Return Value

YES if the registration is successful, NO otherwise. The only failure condition is if protocolClass is not a subclass of NSURLProtocol.


Register any custom NSURLProtocol subclasses prior to making URL requests. When the URL loading system begins to load a request, it tries to initialize each registered protocol class with the specified request. The first NSURLProtocol subclass to return YES when sent a canInitWithRequest: message is used to load the request. There is no guarantee that all registered protocol classes will be consulted.

Classes are consulted in the reverse order of their registration. A similar design governs the process to create the canonical form of a request with canonicalRequestForRequest:.

See Also

Registering and Unregistering Protocol Classes

+ unregisterClass:

Unregisters the specified subclass of NSURLProtocol.