The constants used to specify interaction with the cached responses.


enum CachePolicy : UInt




case useProtocolCachePolicy

Use the caching logic defined in the protocol implementation, if any, for a particular URL load request.

case reloadIgnoringLocalCacheData

The URL load should be loaded only from the originating source.

case reloadIgnoringLocalAndRemoteCacheData

Ignore local cache data, and instruct proxies and other intermediates to disregard their caches so far as the protocol allows.

case returnCacheDataElseLoad

Use existing cache data, regardless or age or expiration date, loading from originating source only if there is no cached data.

case returnCacheDataDontLoad

Use existing cache data, regardless or age or expiration date, and fail if no cached data is available.

case reloadRevalidatingCacheData

Use cache data if it can be validated by the origin source; otherwise, load from the origin.

See Also

Working with a Cache Policy

var cachePolicy: NSURLRequest.CachePolicy

The request’s cache policy.

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