Instance Method


Creates a WebSocket task for the provided URL request.


- (NSURLSessionWebSocketTask *)webSocketTaskWithRequest:(NSURLRequest *)request;



A URL request that indicates a WebSockets endpoint with which to connect.


You can modify the request’s properties prior to calling resume on the task. The task uses these properties during the HTTP handshake phase.

To add custom protocols, add a header with the key Sec-WebSocket-Protocol, and a comma-separated list of protocols you want to negotiate with the server. The custom HTTP headers provided by the client remain unchanged for the handshake with the server.

See Also

Adding WebSocket Tasks to a Session

- webSocketTaskWithURL:

Creates a WebSocket task for the provided URL.

- webSocketTaskWithURL:protocols:

Creates a WebSocket task given a URL and an array of protocols.


A URL session task that communicates over the WebSockets protocol standard.


A protocol that defines methods that URL session instances call on their delegates to handle task-level events specific to WebSocket tasks.