Type Property


A default session configuration object.


@property(class, readonly, strong) NSURLSessionConfiguration *defaultSessionConfiguration;


The default session configuration uses a persistent disk-based cache (except when the result is downloaded to a file) and stores credentials in the user’s keychain. It also stores cookies (by default) in the same shared cookie store as the NSURLConnection and NSURLDownload classes.

Modifying the returned session configuration object does not affect any configuration objects returned by future calls to this method, and does not change the default behavior for existing sessions. It is therefore always safe to use the returned object as a starting point for additional customization.

See Also

Creating a Session Configuration Object


A session configuration that uses no persistent storage for caches, cookies, or credentials.

+ backgroundSessionConfigurationWithIdentifier:

Creates a session configuration object that allows HTTP and HTTPS uploads or downloads to be performed in the background.

- init

Creates an empty session configuration.

+ new

Creates an empty session configuration.