Instance Method


Cancels a download and calls a callback with resume data for later use.


- (void)cancelByProducingResumeData:(void (^)(NSData *resumeData))completionHandler;



A completion handler that is called when the download has been successfully canceled.

If the download is resumable, the completion handler is provided with a resumeData object. Your app can later pass this object to a session’s downloadTaskWithResumeData: or downloadTaskWithResumeData:completionHandler: method to create a new task that resumes the download where it left off.

This block is not guaranteed to execute in a particular thread context. As such, you may want specify an appropriate dispatch queue in which to perform any work.


A download can be resumed only if the following conditions are met:

  • The resource has not changed since you first requested it

  • The task is an HTTP or HTTPS GET request

  • The server provides either the ETag or Last-Modified header (or both) in its response

  • The server supports byte-range requests

  • The temporary file hasn’t been deleted by the system in response to disk space pressure

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