Instance Property


A dictionary containing app-specific state information needed to continue an activity on another device.


var userInfo: [AnyHashable : Any]? { get set }


Each key and value must be of the following types: NSArray, NSData, NSDate, NSDictionary, NSNull, NSNumber, NSSet, NSString, or NSURL. The system may translate file scheme URLs that refer to iCloud documents to valid file URLs on a continuing device.

See Also

Accessing Activity Information

var activityType: String

The activity type with which the user activity object was created.

var title: String?

An optional, user-visible title for this activity, such as a document name or web page title.

var requiredUserInfoKeys: Set<String>?

A set of keys that represent the minimal information about the activity that should be stored for later restoration.

func addUserInfoEntries(from: [AnyHashable : Any])

Adds the contents of the specified dictionary to the user info dictionary.

var needsSave: Bool

Indicates that the state of the activity needs to be updated.

var contentAttributeSet: CSSearchableItemAttributeSet?

A set of properties that describe the activity.

var keywords: Set<String>

A set of localized keywords that can help users find the activity in search results.

var persistentIdentifier: NSUserActivityPersistentIdentifier?

A value used to identify the user activity.