Instance Property


A value used to identify the user activity.


@property(copy) NSUserActivityPersistentIdentifier persistentIdentifier;


Set this property to a value that identifies the user activity so you can later delete it with deleteSavedUserActivitiesWithPersistentIdentifiers:completionHandler:. For example, if the user checks the weather for Cupertino each morning from home, the weather app sets the persistent identifier to the city name (Cupertino). When the user deletes Cupertino from the weather app, the app deletes the user activity associated with the identifier, "Cupertino".

Listing 1

Example of setting the persistent identifier to a city name in a fictitious weather app.

let userActivity = NSUserActivity(activityType: WeatherLookup.userActivityType)
userActivity.persistentIdentifier = "Cupertino"

See Also

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A dictionary containing app-specific state information needed to continue an activity on another device.

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