Instance Method


Inserts the specified domain name into the receiver’s search list.


- (void)addSuiteNamed:(NSString *)suiteName;



The domain name to insert.


The suiteName domain is similar to a bundle identifier string, but isn't necessarily tied to a particular application or bundle. A suite can be used to hold preferences that are shared between multiple applications.

The additional search lists of the suiteName domain are searched after the current domain, but before global defaults (that is, when a suite is added, the preferences subsystem first searches the app's user preferences, then searches again as though it were an app with a bundle identifier equal to suiteName, and then finally searches the global preferences). Passing NSGlobalDomain or the current application's bundle identifier is unsupported.

See Also

Maintaining Suites

- removeSuiteNamed:

Removes the specified domain name from the receiver’s search list.